Middle East

Ethno-Linguistic Groups of the Middle East

Ethnic groups in Libya

Ethnic Groups of Morocco

Tribes of Algeria

Ethnic Groups of Somalia

Sana’a in 1940



Pre-State Maps

Survey of Palestine, 1944, with 1949 armistice lines drawn.

Land Ownership, 1945

April 1946 – Ad Hoc Committee on the Palestine Question

1947 UN Partition Plan

Palestinian villages prior to 1948

1948 War


Palestinian Land Loss

Post-1967 Occupied Territories

West Bank Bantustans

Golan Heights, showing Israeli settlements

Unrecognized Villages in the Negev

West Bank and Gaza

West Bank

The Matrix of Control in the West Bank and Gaza

Fragmentation of the West Bank

Palestinian Areas of Control in the West Bank

West Bank Road Closures and Checkpoint Locations

Israeli Settlement Blocs in the West Bank

Israeli Settlements in the West Bank

Separation Wall Route

Separation Wall Route

West Bank Access and Closures

South Hebron Hills

Hebron with Jewish Settlements

Gaza 2005

Gaza with Settlements

Gaza Before Disengagement

Northern Gaza

January 2009 War Statistics

Rocket Range From Gaza

Gaza State of Emergency Following War

Hamas Positions During Israeli Assault

Hamas Positions During Israeli Assault


East Jerusalem and Surroundings

Shu’afat Refugee Camp

The Old City

Municipal, Greater, and Metropolitan Jerusalem

Jerusalem Area and Separation Barrier

Jewish Population of Old City

Greater Jerusalem 2009

Historic Maps of Israel-Palestine

Crusader Jerusalem

Crusader States

Crusades Times and Locations

The Temple Mount

Jerusalem C. 1500


Iraq with Cantons

Political Map

Ethnoreligious Groups

Northern Iraq

Oil Industry Circa 1953

Tribes in Iraq

Country Profile Map

Missile Sites and Ranges

Baghdad 2003

Historical Maps of Iraq

Baghdad 1849

Mosul 1944

Erbil 1944

Basra 1942

Western Desert 1944

Southern Desert 1944

Baghdad 1944

Baghdad Bus Map 1961

Turkey and Ottoman Empire

Road Map of Turkey

Greater Istanbul

Istanbul in 1922

Istanbul in 1696

Ottoman Empire

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