Arabic Tattoos

Please click here to go to my other site, Arabic Calligraphy Design, to order a tattoo in Arabic calligraphy.

If you are interested in having a tattoo designed in Arabic calligraphy, I would be more than happy to work with you on a design. I’ve done everything from single words to long lines of poetry, and if you’re looking for ideas I have bilingual editions of Arabic poetry and proverbs to help choose a phrase or line that fits you best. Going through a calligrapher ensures you don’t end up with a disaster of a tattoo. I can also design tattoos in Persian, Urdu, Kurdish, Sindhi or any other language written in Arabic script (although I do not speak those languages).

If you’re interested, go to my other site, Arabic Calligraphy Design, to order a tattoo in Arabic calligraphy.

102 Responses to “Arabic Tattoos”

  1. Hi ,
    I liked your ritig and the design , i would like to have this word “my savior” in Arabic as a good design for a tattoo. Thanks,

  2. Hi,
    I would like to have this verse “reverence your guardian lord” in arabic. Could you help me with this?
    Thank you very much

    – Wan

  3. Amazing designs and love your comments and info on how not to do an Arabic tattoo!!! Would you be able to translate someting for me? Many thanks

  4. Your Calligraphy is Beautiful..your web-sight is very helpful..can you please contact me to translate two words for me..Thankyou so much! Regards, Gus

  5. do you charge a fee for translating or helping anyone? please get back to me, i have a tattoo idea in mind. thank you!

  6. i would like your help translating the phase ” the beautiful one has one “.
    thank you.

  7. i would really appreciate it if you could help me with my next tattoo as my last arabic is quite bland and not very legible the quote i want is “Insanity is knowing that what you are doing is completely idiotic, But still, somehow you just can’t stop it.” or if you know anyone who does this sort of thing in cambodian or thai that would be great too

  8. Hi i was wondering if you can help me. My parents live in Saudi so i am getting an acurate translation for my tattoo, however i was wondering if you could recomend somewhere that I can have it converted into a Calligraphy text. x

  9. Hi
    Do you charge a fee for translating names or words? I am going to have a tattoo with my sister and we would really want your help.
    Thank you

  10. hey, brilliant site my friend, just what im after… i just wanted a small tattoo in arabic that translates as ‘katy love of my life’
    my email address is
    thanks and i look forward to hearing from you

  11. hey there,

    I was just wondering if you could do something even simpler than transcribing – could you just “approve” a design for me? I’ve had a friend translate a few phrases, but I’d like a second opinion.

  12. Hey, i want a nice tattoo design saying “The world is mine”, how much would it cost?

  13. Hello, I have read your page on arabic tatto’s which have turned disasters. I found this very funny, but also frightening as I had booked in to get an arabic tattoo of a picture I just happened to find. After reading your page I have cancelled my booking until I know for sure what i want is correct. Could you please translate Love for me, into arabic and a Ghandi quote ; ” Be the change you want to see in the world.” Thanks for the laughs at least 😀

  14. hello. I would like to get “queen” in arabic, the correct, connected version. please email me at . thanks 🙂

  15. Helloo…ur work is wonderfull..! Im interesting abt arabic tatto, but i can not choose, and i readed u “help” with hihihi my email is or if u see taht private could u conntact me nad we make understand, thank u a lot..! regards helga

  16. hello josh. beautiful work. i too would like your help in creating an arabic tattoo. could you please email me when you can to help. thanking you kindly…aiya

  17. Hi,
    I would like to talk with you regarding translation about a tattoo. Please email me at I actually found a few translations online but before I went any further, I wanted to talk to you. I definitely don’t want to be on your tattoo shame page 🙂 Please contact me whe you have a chance. Thanks!

  18. Your work is amazingly brilliant! I’m so impressed. Your photos are great as well. Lovely travels. I don’t want a tattoo design, but I was wondering if you could do a design with my full name, which is an arabic one, in some sort of calligraphic design on paper (so I can frame it)? I’ve always wanted one. What would the price difference be for a design sent electronically via e-mail versus a hard-copy original piece? Thank you.

  19. Boy have you saved and enlightend me.. I was going to do exactly what you said these morons did=(..I can’t get anyone to translate for me, so could you please assist me? I would like to get the phrase “Someday I too will fly and see you again” translated to your beautiful calligraphy.I had in mind to get the tattoo going vertically down my spine.. it means a lot to me.

  20. Sorry I meant “Someday I too will fly and find you again” ** i had a typo there=(.

  21. Hello!
    I am hoping you can help me. I am trying to find Arabic calligraphy, possibly Syriac Calligraphy, for “love of my life.” It does not HAVE to be Syriac. The idea is to create a piece of art with the calligraphy around a butterfly. I will have the butterfly designed around what ever calligraphy I fall in love with.

  22. hi there
    i have been finding it reli hard trying to find a correect arabic tattoo. i have had certain words translated but only have them in pc format.can you help me please
    thanks laura

  23. Hello, could you please translate a Ghandi quote for me : “Be the change you want to see in the world” I want it in one line going down my spine from top to bottom, so please help me avoid doing it upside down ! Your art looks amazing, also could you clarify “love” in arabic
    thanks , carla, Scotland!

  24. the correct quote is actuall “You must be the change you wish to be in the world”
    sorry, thanks, Carla, Scotland.

  25. Hey Josh!

    I’m in need of a few words translated. My e-mail is

    Thanks in advance!

    – Arnel 🙂

  26. Hi Josh!
    I found your page just in time, was gonna loose my mind with the translations. I’m in need of a simple translation and design so please help me out 🙂

    cheers mate!

  27. Hi Josh,

    Have been thinking about an arabic tat for a while. Would like my husbands name made into a gorgeous design. Can write simple arabic myself but something out of the ordinary.


  28. I have a tattoo that is supposed to mean CANCER as in the zodiac sign, but in arabic. I was wondering if you could sent me an image of what the word looks like so i can compare it to the tattoo i have. Thank you!

  29. Hello Josh,

    I’d like to commission a design from you for a tattoo based upon a verse from Ezra Pound and my time spent in Iraq. Please send me a line.

  30. Hello Josh,
    I am truly grateful I found your site before I made the same misktakes that many others had. Your artwork/aesthetics are amazing; you have a gift. I was hoping to get a tattoo and would like a phrase translated and designed. If you wouldnt mind emailing me at your earliest convenience, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks in advace!

  31. Josh,
    Question I can not find an answer to regarding Ottoman janissary corps! Did they have tattoos? A Turkish friend claims they had war prayers inked onto their sword arms, similar to Japanese sleeve work?

  32. Hello,

    You seem to have a lot on your plate based on the number of comments above, but when you have time, I’d like your help with the design of a tattoo. My friend knows Arabic so I have the word but your calligraphy is beautiful and I’d appreciate your help with a design.


  33. Hey i received your e-mail and first of all thanks. Im trying to get an arabic tattoo done and I would really love* to get your help. So let’s get in touch.. ;]

  34. Hello, love your calligraphy style. I’m interested in having a calligraphy piece done, would you please email me when you have a chance? Thanks! Ashley

  35. I have two multi-word tattoo designs i would like to compensate you for, your work is fantastic! My email is

  36. […] for the art work itself. If you are serious about wanting an Arabic tattoo, please visit my page on Arabic Tattoos and leave me a comment with your email address and we talk about details and design. A couple of […]

  37. hey. i love the artwork above. you are very talented! i am looking to get a tatoo of my daughter’s name (Hailee Grace)in arabic.. and unlike all the stupid people in your photos i would like to have it done right. (your comments on the photos cracked me up btw). i have seen a lot of tatoos gone bad and im not about to put something on me for life unless i know for sure it says what i want it to say… help me out! THANKS!

  38. Hi josh, I am interested in your services designing a tattoo, please could you email me when u get the chance, Cheers Ian

  39. Hi josh, I am interested in your services designing a tattoo, please could you email me when u get the chance, Cheers Ian

  40. Hi!
    I have a few things i would like translated, but need to know the cost first! If you could e-mail me, so i can let you know what it is, that would be great 🙂

  41. Hey Josh,

    I absolutely love your work, you are truly talented. I would like a phrase translated into arabic for a tattoo…can we discuss?

    thanks! rebecca

  42. […] check out my page about Arabic Tattoos for more examples of the styles I work in and my […]

  43. Hi, I want to have the word “Queen” translated. Thank you.

  44. Hey, it would be great if you can help me translate

    Life is worth living because there is love

    thanks a BUNCH<3

  45. Amazing designs, i would like to ask you to design a tattoo for me but its going to be a little diffrent. Thanks

  46. hey you … what started your relationship with all things arabic?
    just curious … are you a tattoo artist? where? … susi

  47. hey i need your help to get this translated

    ”It’s my life, It’s now or never
    I ain’t gonna live forever”

    bon jovi lyrics.. cuz your rite if its gona be on your body forever it has to be rite

    heres my email:

  48. i would like to have prayer sureth el fatiha done as a tattoo on my back vertically if possible about 8″-10″ long and about 5″=7 wide, if not horizontally would be good too about 12″ long and 6″ wide or for upper arm bicep area same prayer in a cool design abot 7″ high. if u can get this designed maybe all three lemme know how much would u want to do it. Sureth El-Fatiha means lots to me and really wanna get it done.this sureth is the first and most important prayer in Qu’ran.i also have a design in arabic no clu what it means i would like to send it to u to transalte it or meaning.

  49. hi,

    i’d like to work with you on a design. i have a verse from the Bible in mind, but need help with the arabic translation and tattoo design. if you could contact me so we can further discuss, i’d really appreciate it.

    love your website!


  50. Please contact me, I am serious and want to get my tatt done asap. Thanks

  51. Hi everyone, I had a tattoo designed by josh on december and I just want to say it was a fantastic design and was a bargain price for the design he did me. I paid my fee and was asked to choose from 3 Arabic font and when I got my design inboxed to me I got it checked and confirmed and tattooed straight onto my skin. Delighted with it. Excellent service, I recommend to anyone!

  52. Hi!
    I would like to get “go with all your heart” as a tattoo. Could you contact me about that?
    I want it horizontally on my ribs, on the right side. It needs to be covered by my clothes
    at all times, i want a rather small one. like 10 centimeters max. do you think this is possible?

    thank you so much for your time!

  53. Hi Josh,

    Your work is great! I’m interested in figural calligraphy for a tattoo. I’m curious about which styles of calligraphy you do and what kinds of designs are possible.



  54. Hi could you tell me what my name is in Arabic , my name is Jade.

  55. Greetings
    I need the following words translated into Arabic for various tattoos. Courage, Believe, Strength, Compassion. Could you contact me so we can discuss what I am looking for and how much it would cost? Thanks so much for providing this service…don’t want to end up on the “blog of shame”. 🙂

  56. Hi Josh,

    In order to celebrate the completion of my masters, I would like to gift myself a tattoo with a (short) phrase in Arabic that means a great deal to me. I wouldn’t dream of having plain old computer text set in ink on my skin, so I hope that you have the time to help design it in Arabic calligraphy. Please contact me if you have the time and we can discuss the details of the design and your compensation.


  57. I would love to get my 2 sons names in arabic calligraphy as a tattoo. They are one quarter Iraqi and I’d like to celebrate their arabic heritage. Their names are Benjamin and Alexander, and I’d like them written as they are pronounced and not the arabic equivalent of the names. I’d love to have them incorporated into one tattoo if that is at all possible. I really hope this is something you can help me with.


  58. Hi,

    Firstly, beautiful website! I am going to get an Arabic tattoo and need someone to help me with a custom design. I do not want the computer generated translations they are dull and boring. If you would please contact me if you can help?

  59. Hey there, I was wanting a tattoo of my last name ‘Suarez’ and hopefully a design to go around it.

    I am arabic, but do not write the language. I have arab friends who have given their input and writing, but I was hoping for your idea.

    Please email me at

    Thank you

  60. hi josh,
    i am planning to get a tattoo of my full name also birthdate soon and i want the right translation of course, i’m not looking for a design i’m only interested in the calligraphy. I would like to know how much would it cost. Get at me asap i would appreciate it. Thanks.

    name muriel medina pallete
    birth…march 28 1991

  61. Hey Josh,

    I have an appointment for april 27th for a tat – and I would really like to hire you to do the calligraphy artwork – really like your work- please contact me to discuss details.

  62. I have three sisters and we are all wanting to get each others names tattooed on us. We want them in another language which is much more beautiful than English. I have talked them out of Hebrew since we are Jewish and that would be very offinsive to my family, So 2 of them have decided on Arabic. How ironic. I would like to know how 3 names will look translated into arabic and how much it will cost for you to do that. One sister is thinking of putting them down her spine. Can that be done with arabic writing? Thank you love your site Shalom

  63. wow your pretty popular….well i had this tattoo done- yes just basic arabic when i first learned how to write it so a arab would not necessarily be impressed…not only that perhaps perplexed bc the meem in “al-Azema” looks like a Saad. I would like to fix it up a bit and add some laural leaves around it. Just thought id give you a shot. my email is reilly111@GMAIL.COM but facebook is a more viable contact- Laura Angela Elizabeth Reilly… where you from?

  64. I am of Lebanese descent and I would like the word “serenity” in arabic in small font..

  65. I also need help with a translation! But is there any way of following this blog of yours here? I’m new here and I cant find how to stay connected…

  66. Hi, I like a design of a tattoo in oval shape or round shape of approxmiate 4 to 5 inches bearing a name: Faridah.

  67. Hi, great site , great work.
    i would really appreciate it if you could assisted me with a tattoo.
    Thank you

  68. Hi!
    I was wondering if I could get an Arabic/Calligraphy translation. I’m getting a tattoo this Sunday so could you possible translate “happiness” and “sorrow” for me?

  69. i want an arabic tatoo can you please contact me for two words i need thanks

  70. Hello,
    Your work looks amazing and I was wondering if you could help me. I am interested in the Ottoman Janissaries and the tattoos they received for their service. I was wondering if you knew a good source to view the tattoos they had. Thank you

  71. hey…i would like to get ‘what goes around comes around’ on my arm..wanted the linear design and was wondering how much it would cost.

  72. helo there this is what i need for sure. Pls i need a tattoo across my back extending from the backside of my arms. Iwant these phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

  73. Hello,
    Many years ago I got an arabic tattoo without any thought or research into whether what I was having tattooed on me actually says what I thought it said. I am hoping that if I send you a picture of it you could help me with its meaning.
    Thank you

  74. I stumbled upon your site as I was searching for zoomorphic calligraphy sites and I must say I am extremely impressed with your work and everything you have done. I see that you so figural tattoos but does this include any/all animals? Great site!

  75. hey need some information about a translation in arabic. can you touch base to lend a hand?

  76. Hello,

    I’ve bumped into your blog by coincidence. I have a question. Are you capable of writing in square kufi form?

    I am looking for someone to design a tattoo for me.

    All the best,


  77. Hi I want to get my daughters name in arabic, but in the design of a butterfly as she I associate her with butterflies.

    I think maybe if you get in touch with me I can sort of explain exactly what I am after, as in my mind it seems complicated but I am sure when i expalin you will get the gist.

    Many thanks

  78. Hello,

    I was just looking around for ideas, and i stumbled onto this site, your work looks very nice and I’m considering getting a linear tattoo saying integrity or perhaps something along those lines.


  79. i was wondering if you could do zoomographic design for me. i want it in form of eagle and i have 2 names i want in it.

    thank you

  80. AWESOME site! i’ve just recently started learning arabic on my own (currently working on mastering the alphabet) and came across your site after doing a google search. i definitely plan on ordering a tattoo from you once i figure out what i want!

  81. Hello there my name is Sally and my partner from births back has tattooed my Hebrew name on her wrist and now would like a circular design around it incorporating Hebrew and Arabic style influence art, it need not be writing, but something circular to go around the name. Maybe we could Skype I’m in Australia. Hope you are well, your work is gorgeous , Sally

  82. I appreciate you sharing this post.Much thanks again. Wonderful.

  83. hello 🙂 I saw your drawings you’re talented, Can you please draw/write a tattoo جمال, my dad’s name, he’s dead so I was thinking of having a calligraphgy. I hope you can:) thank you

  84. Hi, I really liked the samples of your work and would like to have a tattoo designed in arabic script. Please contact me with your charges. I look forward to your response.

  85. Hi, I love your designs and looking to get a tattoo down my spine. I’m wanting ‘God bless and keep the faith’ in arabic writing, could you help?

    Many thanks

  86. Hey, big fan of you site and your work. I noticed that earlier someone asked about Janissary war prayers and service tattoos. I am curious if you have any images of these available or know of any good books so that I can research this further. Thank you.

  87. Just to say hi and thanks!!!
    I’ll send a pic once it’s done…
    Congratulations for the excellent work!
    -José Garnica-

  88. hi!!do you know how to write my name Benjamin in arabic??cause i wanna put it in my tattoo,,can you please??


  90. Josh,

    Thanx for the names you translated and dwaw for me.
    The 15th of October I’m gone let the tattoo artist do his job on my shoulder. I gone send you a picture when it’s done.
    After that one we can start the Nr 13 design.
    Kind regards Mo

  91. hey
    great website, great designs. i wondering if you can email me some designs in Arabic . the name is Tahira please.

  92. tahira in Arabic. i would like to get my daughters name on my wrist, not to big but something unique and beautiful thankyou..

  93. Hi, very nice work. I’m interested to know if you ca help me with a certain design for arabic tattoos, as well as the cost.


  94. Hi, I’m going to have my arabic tattoo and I would really appreciate your help. I would like to know the right translation for the word “freedom”. Could you please help me? Thank u

  95. Hello, I would really appeciate if you could write my mums name Fatema in a teardrop pattern and my nans name Sayra in a straight line underneath! I want to write it on a canvas myself and give it as a gift as they are both very ill.

  96. Read your article about tattoos very funny, enlightening…but i’d like to get nomad or Rahhaal in the character form, (in honor of a gypsy indian woman i meet) what is the correct symbol get getting lots of different images.

  97. Hi,

    I sent you an e-mail about a tattoo design a few days ago, to the gmail account listed on your other website, but I have my received a reply yet, did you receive it?



  98. Hi. Inshallah I find your side i have in my mind to get a tattoo down my spine in arabic calligrapher I have a pray in ingles so I need too know how much is for the charges .. I I’m my beloved’s and my beloved is mine .thank you .salam .

  99. Hello! Can you tell me what the text in the star(fish) means? I think it’s a beautiful one! Thanks! Elles

  100. Hello. I would like to have the right translation and tattoo design of the phrase “be the change” 🙂 i hope u can help me with that. Thank u in advance 🙂

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