Calligraphy logo for Hijab Boutique – The great, and the awful.


This is a logo for a Hijab boutique I did. The clients are great, and I hope they’re doing very well.

This, for a complete swing of the pendulum, is a logo I did for another Hijab Boutique called  Boutique Al-Khaleejia 


and that, is where it gets weird. I was contacted, and in the normal course of things I got 50% down for a logo for the company. Did a logo I liked, sent it to her, she liked it. For non-watermarked full res images, please send remaining balance. No word. For weeks no word. Months pass, and i consider myself stiffed, then “I am so, so sorry Josh. I had a devastating death in the family and I was too busy with family greif to get back to you.” OK. Went to her facebook, read the “recommendations”. Turns out that she not only owed me, she owed like, mmm 10-15,000 worth of wedding hijab orders that people had placed with her company, based on fake photos stolen from other designers. Women had put orders in of hundreds of dollars worth of clothing, and in the words of one UK customer: “She done a runner.” Some choice samples of her recommendations:

What a sad situation, replicated images of other peoples hard work. All these images were not even yours to begin with. Dania you threatened and harrassed my friends, those who tried to tell you were wrong. Then you send us made up lawyer letters to threaten and we all knew you gotten it written from a friend. How do you sleep at night? To steal from others, you have a debt that is owed to Allah in the afterlife.
about 2 months ago
Assalam o Alikum sister i read that a lot of you had problems with Boutique Al Khaleejia. I’m sorry to hear that a Muslim sister could do that to other muslims, and i hope this experience doesn’t affect your online/facebook purchases from other sellers. We are an honest business Alhumdolillah and if you would like to give our company a try we are willing to give everyone here a 10% discount on any product we have. Also we only accept Paypal as a payment source so if you ever have any problems we refund your payment instantly. I hope to work with you sisters soon InshaAllah
Yes Tianna Medeirors is absolutely correct, Dania ran away with all the money. Not only money for orders she got in last few months but also money she owed ME and her other tailors. Many abayas/jalabiyas were shipped out to her but i could still see those ppl messaging and asking abt their orders. Thats Shocking! She didnt even spend the money to ship out the orders to clients after she received them, let alone getting remaining orders ready. She kept on promising us all that she’ll clear her dues….what fools we were to believe her!!!!!
So, I was not the only one.  A very sad story about a very dishonest person.

~ by Josh on June 12, 2013.

One Response to “Calligraphy logo for Hijab Boutique – The great, and the awful.”

  1. As Salamu ‘Alaikum

    Well actually she don’t stole any pictures, the pictures what she was using are from her taylor, which is a pakistani woman and she is making EXPENSIVE copy’s of Designers Abayas, her page is NA EXCLUSIVE ABAYAS (NA is for Nadia Arshad (her FB profile), I have read already that sisters got problem with her items because it was very expensive and very awful quality!.

    So her and her taylor are not better.

    Bottom line, do not purchase Anything from any website or page which is not having PAYPAL, if there is any problem you can get your money back trough paypal!!!

    May Allah guide us always for the right path. Ameen

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