New Arabic Calligraphy Tattoos

Here are a few new pieces I’ve done lately, trying to get better at posting work. If you’re interested in an Arabic tattoo design, visit my site at








~ by Josh on January 14, 2013.

3 Responses to “New Arabic Calligraphy Tattoos”

  1. Hey I love your tattoo work and was wondering if you could possibly make one for me i wanted the word shahid in Islamic hindi is fine too as long as it has that word you can make it into anything i want it right at my waist to the right I that helps thanks !

  2. If I wanted to get the map of palestine drawn in the words “when injustice becomes law resistance becomes reality ” in arabic text, could you do that peace for me? email me back so we can chat some more

  3. Hello i want an arabic calligraphy tattoo in a name.on my risk.a draw so i can take it to a tottoo shop in holland so they can make the same for me.How much is it? greetings Nawal.

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