Workshop Air Filter

This is an air filter for my shop I installed last week. I don’t like working in a cloud of saw dust, and when I’m working with MDF or other processed materials it’s even more important. This is basically a furnace fan hooked up to a 4 inch HVAC duct.

The fan is secured to the plywood frame with some zinc strapping. There’s a hole cut in the plywood with a wall flange to hold the duct on. The unit is hooked up to a wall switch and a standard plug.

The standard way of dealing with the exhaust is to layer some air filters on the outfeed side and just blow the air into the filters. I thought it may just be easier to route the air to the outside and bypass the filter system altogether. There was already a 4 inch hole cut into the window for the dryer exhaust, I just hooked a Y link into it and fed it out the window.



~ by Josh on November 15, 2012.

One Response to “Workshop Air Filter”

  1. Nice job. For now I use my shop vac hooked to my table saw for dust collection. I have my eye on a portable unit. I would to try your idea but I have nowhere to exhaust it.

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