Settled in

Finally, I can say we are mostly settled into our new house in DC. After two long years of graduate school, Rach and I are living together again. It’s like a massive sigh of relief. Here are some pictures of our awesome house.

A small house on a quirky block with continuously entertaining neighbors.

We have some great photography in the house, thanks to Rachael’s own work and that of her colleagues and mentors.

Flowers courtesy Dupont Circle farmer’s market.

When we moved in I saw an ad on craigslist for a free futon. It’s now in Rach’s office/reading room/guest room.

Rach has also brought with her to the place an amazing collection of gorgeous plants and terrariums.

The upstairs is an amazing work space which I have taken over as my studio. Not totally moved in yet but pretty close.

We have a cabinet of curiosities which holds a variety of objects that we’ve found, been given by friends, or otherwise hold serious importance to us.

It is a good house on a nice street with great neighbors, and we both feel so lucky to be here, together, finally.


~ by Josh on June 6, 2012.

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