The Walnut Suite and The Third Function of Furniture

I think that there can be so much deeper meaning in the things that surround us, if we have the ability to direct what goes into them. It is with that in mind that I’ve developed an interest in working in the idea of ‘place’ in furniture projects.

I think that furniture that is hand-built or custom commissioned can integrate what I refer to as a third function- that of place and memory. When you think about it, most furniture usually has up to two functions: it’s purely utilitarian (think the giant cable spool used as a table in a college apartment) or it is both utilitarian and beautiful. For the vast majority of furniture, it stops there. But if we make our own furniture we can add a third function, and that third function deepens our connection and embeds a degree of meaning within the piece that is otherwise impossible.

For example, in March of last year I bought pretty much an entire walnut tree here in Bloomington. It was a tree that grew from a seed in Bloomington, fell down in a storm in Bloomington, was milled into lumber in Bloomington, and ultimately was turned into three pieces of furniture in Bloomington. I built Rachael’s coffee table, my bar, and our dining room table from that single walnut tree. Three matching pieces with similar design elements made from a single tree. Thus, when we move away from Bloomington, those pieces will forever link us to the time we spent here, and be intrinsically linked to each other as sibling pieces. To separate them is to separate a family, and they are thus pieces that I hope will stay within my family for many years after I have gone.

~ by Josh on May 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Walnut Suite and The Third Function of Furniture”

  1. love, true and very well put

  2. Lovely. 🙂

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