Stickley Dining Table in Walnut

In a few short days I will move to Washington DC from Bloomington, IN. I will have spent two years here to the day, driving in on May 15, 2010, and driving out the same day two years later. With just a few days to spare, I finally completed my dining table.  It’s based off of a design from FWW called Stickley Done Lightly, which appeared in cherry. I did this in walnut, and changed a few features that I feel lighten the design a little.

This piece is built from the same tree as the last two walnut pieces I’ve done, my bar and Rach’s coffee table. All came from a single lumber purchase I made last March.

I began by cutting the legs.

First in half, and then ripped on the bandsaw.

Then I made the top. Obviously, this is the most important and thus time consuming piece of the project, so I spent a long time ensuring the timbers were flat and jointed properly.

I cut the natural edge slabs to width first. Then I planed them down with the help of a small table I made specifically to hold them up as they went through the planer. This process took weeks to get them all clean and even.

When they were finally done I worked on the edges.

Then I glued it together in sections using 2×4 cauls to keep everything totally flat so I wouldn’t have a ton of work to flatten it out when it was all glued.

Table is out, but still rough and needing a lot of work:

Then I made the apron parts:

When the top was mostly clean I made the breadboards and seated them with maple plugs.

Top is done:

So I put the finish on it:

I assembled the bottom with my friend Vincent’s help, and then Rach and I moved both pieces upstairs and put them in place on a sunny spring afternoon.

The Suzani we got in Istanbul from an Afghan Uzbek guy who gave us the hook up when we spoke to him in Uzbek and Dari.

We made our first meal for the new table, soba noodles with mangos and fried eggplant from Yotam Ottolenghi’s book Plenty.

~ by Josh on May 4, 2012.

4 Responses to “Stickley Dining Table in Walnut”

  1. DC looks forward to welcoming you!

  2. Great table Josh. Safe travels and good landing in DC. Best ED

  3. […] three pieces of furniture in Bloomington. I built Rachael’s coffee table, my bar, and our dining room table from that single walnut tree. Three matching pieces with similar design elements made from a single […]

  4. This table takes my breath away……
    And I second Ivan’s note…..

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