Evolution of a Logo Design

This week I was contracted to design a logo for a travel agency in the UAE called Ikhlas.  The client said that he wanted a logo with traditional elements, but a modern touch. I came up with these three to start with:

The client indicated that he liked the second one’s layout, but wanted a style closer to this:

So with about 10 minutes before I had to run to class, I came up with this:

But obviously it needs quite a bit of work before it’s ready.

The first step was to redo the verticals so they a) are spaced evenly and b) form a continuous incline on the top:

The client asked that the Saad and Khaa be aligned and that the lines be of equal thickness:

Then the horizontals needed some work to get parallel and the client wanted more space between the Khaa and Saad:

Getting very close, but the openings of the Khaa and Saad are still different, plus there were some not-so-parallel elements to fix, so this fixes that and gets it pretty close to being done:

Check out www.arabiccalligrapher.com for more.



~ by Josh on November 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “Evolution of a Logo Design”

  1. Help an anglo, not too good at Arabic, brother out here Josh. The middle staff is your leading Alif, then the tail on the Khaa is your Lam, and then you go right into the Saad, no 2nd Alif, with the 3rd staff just a decorative tail on the Saad. Am I correct? Alif, Khaa, Lam, Saad? Ikhlas, not Ikhlaas?

    Very interesting to see your progression on the project. thanks.


    • Ah, no. close but not exactly. The staff on the right is the leading alif, then the middle is the lam, then the left is the second alif. the tail of the saad connects to the first alif for design only. so alif khaa lam-alif saad. Thanks!!

  2. shukra akhee

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