Travel Tickets – Samih al-Qasim

Here’s a piece I did yesterday, it’s a poem by Samih al-Qasim, one of the most famous Palestinian poets of our time. It reads:

وعندما أٌقتَل في يومٍ من الأيام

سيَعثُر القاتل في جيبي

على تذاكِرِ السفر

واحدة الى السلام

واحدة الى الحقول والمطر

واحدة الى ضمائر البشر

ارجوك الّا تُهمِل التذاكر

يا قاتلي العزيز

ارجوك ان تسافر

The day I’m killed,
my killer, rifling through my pockets,
will find travel tickets:
One to peace,
one to the fields and the rain,
and one
to the conscience of humankind.

Dear killer of mine, I beg you:
Do not stay and waste them.
Take them, use them.
I beg you to travel.
(Translated by AZ Foreman)

~ by Josh on August 5, 2011.

4 Responses to “Travel Tickets – Samih al-Qasim”

  1. that’s absolutely beautiful

  2. This is stunning. I would love to buy a copy for my sister.. (if possible) She lived in Yemen for 3 months, and is in Palestine for the year. She would love this! Please let me know.

  3. beautiful.

  4. hi. i would like to translate the poem into romanian and put it n my blog.
    can i add your piece on it?

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