More Rosettes

Some more examples of Rosette style calligraphy for Arabic tattoos.

Check out more of my Arabic tattoo work at


~ by Josh on April 24, 2011.

5 Responses to “More Rosettes”

  1. can you translates two names from english to arabic for me?you can find me at …mail me if you can do something for me….thank you

  2. nyce 1 but i think its not premissble in islam to have tattoos

    • no one said anything about the people getting the tattoos being Muslims. They are simply written in the Arabic language.

  3. One does not have to be Muslim to use Arabic writing or the Arabic language. The Arabic script may be the script of Islam, but it is not used only by Muslims. There are plenty of Christian Arabs, Jews, and Non Islamic religious minorities who also use it.

  4. I am really wanting a tattoo that either means truth or eternity is there a way you could design these words in a rosette for me to help me make my decision?

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