Zoomorphic Arabic Calligraphy

Here are a few recent tattoo designs I’ve done in the shapes of animals.

Check out more of my work at www.arabiccalligrapher.com


~ by Josh on March 29, 2011.

18 Responses to “Zoomorphic Arabic Calligraphy”

  1. Uh-amazing, per usual.

  2. Yeah, these are amazing. Naamah and I are mesmerized. Shame nothing else will get done today!

  3. Oh, what’s the text the peacock piece?

  4. Naamah as in Paley?! Whoa!
    The peacock is a persian poem, the text is:
    بی‌ گمان زان جهان رویایی
    زهره بر من فکنده دیدهٔ عشق
    می‌ نویسم به‌ روی دفتر خویش
    جاودان باشی‌ ای سپیدهٔ عشق

    That one took me sort of forever.

    • Can you maybe explain it in english what the poem means?:) (peacok,owl) Or werw i can find it in english

  5. Fantastic work, Josh. Keep it up.

  6. These are incredible. I love them!

  7. Hi, what words are the owl made of?

  8. what is the english translation of the owl?

  9. What does the scripture on the owl say/ (english please 🙂 ) its beautiful!!!!

  10. woops i should have read the comments above. nvm

  11. can you please tell the english name or translation of the persian poem of the peacock?

  12. Please can you explain to us the full text of the owl? Congratulations

  13. what does the starfish say and mean?

  14. […] I found a blog that demonstrates just this: https://joshberer.wordpress.com/2011/03/29/zoomorphic-arabic-calligraphy/ […]

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