My Great-Grandfather’s Lathe Chisels

Last week for my birthday I got a rather remarkable present from my grandparents: my great grandfather’s Craftsman lathe chisels. My great-grandfather died in 1974, well before I met him, and they passed to my grandfather. He is a consummate craftsman and artist and through the early 90s owned a lumber yard in Yardley, PA.

These chisels have now passed to me, and to be honest I’m a little conflicted whether I should use them, or keep them  safer and relegate them to my antique/special stuff  cabinet. I’m leaning towards the second one. Either way, they are now among the category of things I own which are to be saved for the next generation. My (other) grandfather’s jewelery tools, for example.

~ by Josh on February 20, 2011.

4 Responses to “My Great-Grandfather’s Lathe Chisels”

  1. Josh, really interesting. Great looking tools. Maybe you could use them just a little to see how they feel before making them special stuff. 🙂

  2. PS What do you make of the current Mid East turmoil?

  3. beautiful items and story. do you see your calligraphy tools as an extension of these family tools and skills? of course the use question is very personal,but what about using each tool once, as Ed notes, to get the feel of them. Or make just one small, beautiful piece with them that could then be passed on along with them.

  4. Josh, this is so special. Wasn’t that just the best present!

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