Bloomington’s First Snow

I was working late last night, and around 3 am walked into the kitchen, to find that the house was filled with pinkish red light. When I looked out my windows, I saw that snow had been falling for hours, and now covered the street and houses around me with a thick layer of snow. I threw an overcoat on and went outside to stand and watch the first snowfall of the season. There’s something special about the first snow. So fresh and crisp.

This morning I went to the golf course by my house, which in the absence of golfers has become my personal park, and brought the dog. It was his first time in snow, and obviously had a great time. He’d gallop back and forth, pause to eat the snow, then take off running.

The park, covered in snow and completely deserted, was pretty magical.

I have a huge quantity of work to do, but I would love to just stay out here all day.

~ by Josh on December 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Bloomington’s First Snow”

  1. Great shots Josh: but what is the dog’s name?

  2. Thanks Josh; great dog, great name.

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