Poetry in The National

I was contacted a little while ago by the National, from the UAE. Their monthly magazine was doing a profile of an Emirati woman and her love for poetry. I was lucky enough to contribute a piece for the magazine, shown below.

It reads:

لــي مـحـبّ مـنّـي أو مـنّـه حبّ مثل الجوهر الصّافـي

My beloved’s love for me, and mine for him, is a pure gemstone.

~ by Josh on August 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Poetry in The National”

  1. حركاااااااات

  2. hi i had contacted you via email concerning a quote in arabic for a tattoo reading “Family is a heaven in a heartless world”. i would be greatful if yu could reply, you can contact me at niqueyybby09@aim.com thank you.

  3. It’s beautiful.

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