Some new work

I’ve been crazy busy with Uzbek the past few days (Yaxshimisiz? Yaxshi, rahmat. Xodaga shukur.) but have managed to be steadily doing tattoo designs more and more. I’m working on a few massive full back pieces in Persian right now, and will be posting those when they’re done, but for now just a few shorter pieces.


This was fun. This guy wanted his name, Baasit, written in Arabic but in the shape of a Latin B.

Here’s how this would look if you got this designed by a computer:

My favorite one of late was this one:

It says “Sajjal ana Arabiyya wa ismi Hanneen.” It’s based off a quote from Palestinian poet laureate Mahmoud Darwish’s arguably most famous poem, Identity Card.


~ by Josh on June 27, 2010.

8 Responses to “Some new work”

  1. Your works are simply Amazing.
    I really loved the Palestine artwork with Darwish poetry.
    I’m a big fan of Darwish.. he’s an amazing poet, and we still mourn his passing away.
    He wrote some amazing works.. especially on the topic of Motherhood.
    Keep on writing Josh!

  2. Hi, Josh
    I don’t want to be didactic, but shouldn’t it say “Farsi” instead of “Persian”?

  3. Hi Josh,

    Your work looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to get “family” in Arabic on the left side of my rib cage, written quite small. After doing some research and asking my Lebanese boyfriend, I believe there are a few ways of translating it?

    osrah أسرة
    a’ilah عائلة
    transliteration فاميلي

    I’m not sure which translation is “correct” and after reading your post about tattoos, the way they’re written is probably incorrect as they’re computer generated.

    Please help?

    In Good Health,


  4. Josh,

    Amazing work as usual. I was wondering, is this a style that you’ve made up yourself or was it developed by another calligrapher?

    @ Benjamin,
    For all extents and purposes Farsi and Persian are the same thing. Persian is the more generic term, whereas Farsi usually refers to the specific dialect most commonly spoken in Iran, as opposed to Dari and others. Some consider these to be separate languages, but they are very similar and mutually comprehensible. In fact, there’s more variation between the regional Arabic dialects than there is with the Persian ones.

    @ Val,
    أسرة – Osrah, refers to the nuclear family – parent(s) and children, whereas عائلة – Aa’ilah, refers to the extended family.

    Hope this helps

  5. ill son. ill.

  6. Hi josh,

    You and your Arabic calligraphies are amazing. I really like the flowing lines and hoe complexed but subtle it looks. That’s why I’m so drawn to the third picture. I just want to know what the third picture means.


  7. Hi could I order calligraphy of mahmoud darwish but Aneen insteead of Haneen

  8. Do you think you can do one with the word for cocoon? I think it may be this: شرنقة

    I really like your work done in the third picture of this post. (I like all your works!)

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