We have a new addition to our family! This is Sanaani, and he is about 12 weeks old at the time of this post! We got him from Rach’s friend Jeanette, who works as a social worker in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This little guy was found malnourished and really skinny, but he is hands-down the most well-behaved and friendly little puppy I have ever met.

So, this will probably be a funny story when he’s a big dog down the road, but right now it’s still sad: the first day we got him, not six hours after he came into our home, he fell down the front steps and broke his right leg! It was late, and there was only one vet hospital open, so we rushed him there, howling. They took an X-ray which showed that he did, in fact, break a bone, but they couldn’t splint it because it was too far up his leg, so he would likely need surgery. But because it’s a podunk town, the podunks who live here can’t do that kind of surgery, so we had to take him to Indianapolis the next morning. There they told us  that, because of the nature of the break (not bad at all, didn’t break the bone all the way through) we just needed to keep him in his crate for 4 weeks and it would heal itself.

So for the past 2 and half weeks he’s been very patiently waiting out the day in his crate. We get to let him out a couple of times a day, but not for very long, because if he makes the break worse we would have no choice but to get surgery. Sad, but really cute when he gets out.

I can’t wait till the end of next week when he can be out and can go for walks!!

~ by Josh on June 14, 2010.

One Response to “Sanaani”

  1. This little guy is certainly blessed to have you for a new daddy! Get well soon buddy!

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