The Logan Square Farmer’s Market

When I think ‘Chicago’ I do not think, “land of fresh fruits and vegetables.” I think “turnips and potatoes.” However! Was I in for a shock a few weeks ago when we discovered the Logan Square Farmer’s Market. It’s a like a little bit of Seattle out here! The farmer’s market runs every Sunday until March 28, then it takes a break until June, so this week was the last one till summer.

Housed in the historic and gorgeous Congress Theater on Milwaukee (a Chicago Landmark), the Logan Square Farmer’s Market is a weekly event with an impressive collection of vendors, offering everything from fresh mushrooms to knife sharpening.

There is also live music every week, incorporating the venue’s ample space and open air.

There’s a dude who makes fresh, mini-doughnuts to order, dusted with cinnamon sugar and served in a coned-up newspaper. Awesome. There’s fresh macarons! Tasty-looking free-range lamb! Home-made apple cider!

Also there is a lady who sells potted plants, we got a really nice rosemary plant and a jade plant, too. They’re doing well.

Basically, it’s a really nice weekly tradition, and I’m bummed that it’s over until the summer.

~ by Josh on April 3, 2010.

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