Recent Calligraphy Work

I’ve been lucky enough to be working a couple hours a day recently on calligraphy commissions. Most have been for tattoo designs, and it makes me really happy to be able to be translating and doing Arabic calligraphy in order to fulfill people’s ideas for their tattoos.

Here is a small gallery of recent work I’ve done. If you’re interested in getting an Arabic tattoo designed, feel free to contact me at arabic.calligrapherATgmailDOTcom.

All of these works, with the exception of the top one, were hand-written with a bamboo pen and India ink, and then scanned into Photoshop. This gives me flexibility when arranging the words, in case the client wants something arranged differently.

“Farah Aziza Majid”

“A fox is not taken twice in the same snare.”

“Always trust in yourself.”

“I am the truth.”

Two wrist tattoos, designed to form an oval of negative space when they wrap around and meet. The top reads, “Life is a rhythm, the universe is a melody, and everything is music.” and the bottom reads, “the apple of discord.”

It took me a while to get that one down.

An Ezra Pound quote from the poem Hugh Selwyn Mauberly, “For love of slaughter…Learning later.”

“Truth is my light”


Please check out my page about Arabic Tattoos for more examples of the styles I work in and my rates.

Dawn does not come twice to awaken a man

~ by Josh on February 19, 2010.

8 Responses to “Recent Calligraphy Work”

  1. I love your Kufi-Naskh hybrid – it’s awesome!

    I do have one (slightly odd) question – where did you get your reed pen from. I help run a university calligraphy society in the UK and can not find them anywhere. I don’t care if I have to import the pens from another country, I’d just really, really, like them.

  2. Oh sorry, obviously didn’t read your previous post.

    Thanks so much for the link though – you’ve just made me the happiest person in the world.

  3. Hi
    I really love the design you did that reads, “Life is a rhythm, the universe is a melody, and everything is music.” I’m thinking of getting it as a tattoo, with your permission of course. Would that be okay?

  4. Hi
    Ive been researching an arabic tattoo for some time, very glad i came across your site. Im in UK and unfortunately the only arabic speaker i knew has passed away rceently… and ironically i want a tattoo to symbolise this person. Could i chat to you about some ideas?


  5. hi im miraldo and love ur work i want to get sureth el-fatiha in arabic done vertically for my back about 8″-10″ long if possible or in a cool design for upper arm bicep area and how much would it be i will also email u a pic of design thtat i have but no clue what it meas.

  6. hi im miraldo and want to get sureth el-fatiha done in arabicvertially on y back about 8″-10″ long if possibe or a cool design for upper arm bicep area and how uch would be for ur design for both if it can be done.i also have a design no clue what it means i would liketo send it to u to take a look and tell me what it means. i really realy wanna get el-aih done so so bad i heed ur help

  7. hey
    can you get at me
    ive been creeping your website for quite some time now.
    i see now your selling ur talent
    great. i have a job for you 😀

  8. we can do this?

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