How to Cut a Calligraphy Reed

This is my first video blog, Rach and I shot the vid in Ann Arbor. I might start doing more of these. Enjoy!

In the video I mention that you should cut the pen “a bit wider than 45 degrees” – the actual, correct angle is 63 degrees, but I prefer a wider angle. Just personal preference.

~ by Josh on February 16, 2010.

8 Responses to “How to Cut a Calligraphy Reed”

  1. most excellent man. make more of these!

  2. Awesome. Make more!

  3. H
    Im loving this site and have spent most of the last 24 hours here! FAB! Thanks for sharing. What kind of ink do you use with your reed pens? and where do you get it from? ANy reputable places you know in the UK?

  4. Here, you may be interested in this – Shodo ‘Arabi:

    (By the way, subscription to Saudi Aramco World is free.)

  5. Very informative. I discovered that a pen cut with a good combination of luck and skill, then wielded with a gentle hand, can really last for a longer time. You can kind of tell the low maintenance pens by their cooperative spirit.

  6. what is the website for the Turkish store online? thanks

  7. thank you for the tutorial…most useful … I have made a number of pens already…though the sound of your pen is like fingernails down the blackboard for me…~shivers~ … 🙂

  8. When you inked your pen, what was that round thing you tapped it on?

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