Buying Qat with Dawud

In February of 2009, Said Bin Yisrael moved to Israel from Yemen with his family, following threats of violence against his family. He arrived with a bachelor from Saadah named Dawud. In Israel, Dawud and I became friends, and when I returned to Yemen I mentioned him to Yahya Yusuf, the rabbi of the community here. It turns out, unbeknownst to me, Dawud is Yahya’s brother, and had in fact returned to Yemen. He became one of our best friends during the time we spent with the community.

Dawud is a qat chewer for the ages. He can consume a truly impressive quantity of qat, and has been known to travel long distances to find the best deals. One day, we came with him to the market at al-Hasaba to buy a massive bundle. For me, his skills in finding the best quality product are impressive, although I imagine it is expected of most Yemenis.

Upon return from the qat market, we sat in the park in Tourist City, chewing, sipping, spitting. Such is life.


~ by Josh on December 7, 2009.

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