Sana’ani Pizza

Sometimes we get bored eating the same thing in Yemen. Not that we don’t enjoy Yemeni cuisine, we just sometimes get homesick. The great thing about Yemen is that restaurants are completely happy to let you bring your own food for them to cook. Down the street from our house is a bakery that supplies rotis and pita to the restaurants in the area. I asked them if we brought them some uncooked stuff could they pop it in their giant brick oven for a minute, and they said sure.

So we made an herb-infused pizza dough, enough for two large pizzas. We topped one with your standard red sauce, mozzarella, and anchovies, and the second with spinach, roasted garlic, and feta.

We assembled them at home, then carried two large pans down our stairs, out to the Silaa, past the peanut gallery at Cafe Exquisite, and to the bakery. 20 minutes later, we walked back with two ridiculously awesome looking pizzas.

All photos by Rachael Strecher

~ by Josh on November 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sana’ani Pizza”

  1. i like how your image file is titled “bizza.” that rocks.

  2. bizza haha
    but seriously those look good!

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