Editing in Yemen

From time to time, working as a copy editor at a Yemeni English-language paper has its benefits. For example, when we get sent an article to edit that is absolute gibberish, and requires a re-write, top to bottom. This may not be very fun, but it does provide some comedy. Enjoy the following:

From an article warning of the dangers of sexual stimulants, (the hilarity of this article was increased tenfold by the awkwardness of the subject matter):
“With the invisible of supervision and shy to go to doctor
Death hundred of people, divorce from first day and bride in the hospital Sexual stimulants Attendance randomly killer”

“(Najib Al-tamem) he working in one of the pharmacy in Taiz said
Sexual tonic increase and add they aren’t embarrass from ask to buy
Tonic pill as previous most of them got help from children or beggar
To let them bought for them, but now we find young people came to the
Pharmacy to buy by them self without any shy and the strange things he finds a few of them buy sexual stimulants for the women and some
Want buy Frankincense sexual that he heard it help to seduce girls or Excessive sexual activity.”

“Certain for each drag has symptomatic and damage for the patient who has prescription from the doctor what about others who don’t have.”

“Dangerous of accumulations phenomenon that sexual stimulates were the reason of spoil the honeymoon for both groom & bride for who has take the drag in the first day that make bride has shock result of groom violence, others has bleeding and ministering  to the hospital …
Most of them refuse to back to their groom and want divorce and the other has Oedipus.”

The other has Oedipus?

From an article about tourism:

“A superior points of our destination is that Yemen a unique in natural and historical and cultural components that are not found anywhere else, these uniqueness can be more and more strengthen and widen by creating several themes of uniqueness”

Keyword here: unique.

From an article about the importance of national unity, entitled How Evil Factions Yemen Has:

“In actual fact, our oppositions in Yemen are truly strange and destructive. They plan to damage Yemen and its unity, incite the people badly, even the brothers, to fight with each other trying to divide Yemen into a lot of states, and they endeavor to achieve their personal aims and purposes”

[last sentence]
“If we lose today’s Yemen with its progress and accomplishments, we won’t make it again, like a mother, if she died, she wouldn’t be alive again.”

From an article about swine flu:

“I check the internet and many physicians send their reports confirming that H1N1 can be cured easily and the fact is that this propaganda on such disease is done for benefit factors to some medicine companies”

“During the past Eid, people who put face masks became a common sense  especially near parks and markets.”

From an article about the dangers of the Balkanization of Yemen:
“Yemeni state has aggravated this hazard when it made used tribal and sectarian (and recently the fundamentalist) cards itself as a means to establish its existence.”

[last sentence]
“But despite all of this, there is an even greater calamity that is beneath, not above the lands of Yemen.”

Do we get to find out what that could be?

From an article about Yemen turning into another Somalia:
“Unfortunately, such thing never happened and what makes it even worse is the revenge tradition that is always found in any tribal society, which was the problem of Somalia that is downing it now.”

“In the name of Islam, the waiting for the calling turning into waiting for death and body-tearing bullets or missiles accompanied with the call “Allah is the greatest”!”

From an article about…. I’m not entirely sure what:
“Imagine that the neglect of our experts of the development sector causing a lack of local expertise in carrying out surveys of individual and social focal questions and preparing questionnaires in social, economic and professional style convincingly despite the presence of tens of thousands of graduates and dozens of academics in sociology and there in the field to apply the criteria and standard procedures when carrying out evaluation or statistics of the selected communities as there aren’t members of the media companies who can produce document film foundations of photography.”

“The press, with the absence of specialized libraries, research and questionnaires in the country, through the published articles and criticisms of the elite and one of the most important sources of information should be directed mostly at the Olney beam components of the broad community development in order to assess and analyze related events and engage deeply to examine the causes and bring out proposals for solutions supported by the evidence of realism.”

~ by Josh on October 19, 2009.

5 Responses to “Editing in Yemen”

  1. I read the Yemeni English papers and still find it full of mistakes. How does one become a copy editor? I in Sana’a long term and I am availalbe.

  2. […] Check out these great examples, courtesy of JB . A selection from a particular favorite: “Dangerous of accumulations phenomenon […]

  3. Sounds like some of the Mission Statements I’ve seen posted on American corporate websites. 🙂 Good stuff!

  4. Hi

    Great stuff! I also edit documents mainly in South East Asia but have never come across anything as funny! I collect such treasures.

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