Diyarbakır – The Houses of Bakir

Diyarbakır is the last stop before the frontier. The unofficial capital of Turkish Kurdistan, army bases surround it, and the police presence is heavy. Red and green (Kurdish national colors) are ubiquitous, and are present in everything from store signs to flags flying.


People tell us the people in Diyarbakır are mean, nasty. Kids throw stones. We arrive and people come up to us to offer help, directions, suggestions. When we walk down the street they stop in their tracks to say “Hello.” Just hello. Shopkeepers stand in their doorways, grin and bow, hands over hearts. Maybe this is a different Diyarbakır than the one described to me.


At the makeshift bus stop, a dusty parking lot with low, square seats around the walls, a boy has a box of pigeons. He is binding their wings with Scotch tape, then stuffing them back in the box. “Those are for eat?” I ask. “Yup.” “They are good?” “Delicious.”

Next in the series: Under Kurdish Skies

All photos by Rachael Strecher.

~ by Josh on August 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “Diyarbakır – The Houses of Bakir”

  1. Hmm, i have never ventured there… and pigeons? yes I use to eat them in our village before, shot by my uncles… I dont remeber the flavour anymore..

  2. There is no city or state in Turkiye as kurdistan and never gonna be. Diyarbakır is a Turkish city and will stay in that way. Saying a kurdistan city is just the way of insulting us and increasing angry towards you and your country. Kurdistan is a dream of Zionists not Kurds. We all live in harmony together. Do not ever dream of aparting us and so could bring democracy to us. We are not like the other countries in the world you’ve brought freedom. We are all live in Turkiye not in stupid kurdistan nonsense. Be cautious of what you writing. It may cause some trouble.

    good night.

  3. Great article!

    Mehmed Zaim the only thing the u are capable of is threatening the writer. But thanks for insulting us Kurds and the article, that just show to the world the true nature of Turks. So they will understand why we don’t wanna be a part of a country, as autoritarian as Turkey.

    Regards from Kurdistan

  4. Good pics, great journey!

    Regards from Anatolia

  5. […] Next in the series: Diyarbakir: The Houses of Bakir. […]

  6. […] Next in the series: Diyarbakir: The Houses of Bakir. […]

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