Street Art Istanbul

In Karaköy, near the entrance to the Tünel train line, there is an extrodinary exhibit of graffiti. I caught it at the very end of its run, as it ends today. It is housed in an abandoned building on Bankar Sokak, across from Saint George Hospital. There is little or no indication from the outside that an exhibit is taking place; it simply looks like a dilapidated old building, the windows shattered, the door wide open. Once you go inside the walls are filled with art, in all directions, almost every surface has been used for something. Many of the pieces interact with their environs in awesome, creative ways.


There were a few other people there when we went, all young and hipstery folk, all sort of doing their own thing off in some corner. There was ambient music coming out of some speakers in one of the rooms, a bizarre moaning and ambient space sounds. If there were a few fires burning it could easily have been a Terry Gilliam set.


This is the first floor. The building is five floors, plus a roof. In the first pic, on the left, the phrase reads “çocuk pornosu yetmedi mi?” This isn’t child porn yet, is it? The second picture reads “benim olduğum yerde sansür vardir” I have a censor in place.



The second floor. There were many instances of photographs printed out and wheat-pasted onto the wall.


Third floor


Look at these Turkish hipsters.


Probably the best piece in the show.


Last one reads, in Arabic, You have the choice.



Fourth floor. Fifth floor had nothing on it. The roof was awesome. Check it out:


Eeep! Scary!


The Galata Bridge from the roof.



My favorite piece in the show. Its a sultan!

~ by Josh on July 13, 2009.

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  1. can i just say this is my new favourite blog. i used to live in istanbul and you’re making me homesick!

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