Last Day at the RCUV

I can’t believe it’s over. My 10-month Shatil Social Justice Fellowship has come to an end, and it is now time for me to move on. I spent the year working at the Regional Council of Unrecognized Bedouin Villages, the elected representatives of the 76,000 Bedouin living in 45 unrecognized villages.

I had an amazing, fun, interesting, and challenging year, and I won’t forget the friendships I made within the Bedouin community, nor the things I learned from them.

Suleiman, Ye’ela, Atwa, Ali, Faisal, Said, Hussein, and Ibrahim, I will really miss you guys, and I wish you nothing but the best. B’Tawfiq.

On my last day, Suleiman and Ye’ela organized a picnic barbeque out in the woods at a beautiful spot overlooking Rahat and Beer Sheva. It was a perfect send off, and really made me sad to be leaving.

6Hussein al-Rafaya (former president of the council), Ali Abu Sheheita (at whose home I taught English), and Atia al-Athameen (from the village of Khashm Zanna).



8Salman Bin Hmed (At whose home I also taught English) and Atwa Abu Freih (general director of the council)


Suleiman Abu Obeid.



Hussein, Atia, and Ye’ela Raanan (public affairs spokewoman for the council)


I’ll miss you guys, ya ashabi.

~ by Josh on June 27, 2009.

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