Poetry at Qalandia II

A little while ago I returned with Rachael to the Separation Wall at Qalandia and put a new poem up.

This one was written by Abu Firas al-Hamdani (d. 968).
It reads:

وألحظ أحوال الزمان بمقلة

بها الصدق صدق والكذاب كذاب

بمن يثق الإنسان فيما ينوبه

ومن أين للحر الكريم صحاب

وقد صار هذا الناس إلا أقلهم

ذائبا على أجسادهن ثياب

English translation, by Walid Khazendar:

I glance at time’s conditions with an eye
Which sees truth is truth and lying is lying.
Whom can one trust with one’s afflictions?
And where can the pure and noble find friends
When people, save a few,
Have become wolves wearing clothes?



Photos by Rachael Strecher.

~ by Josh on April 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Poetry at Qalandia II”

  1. brilliant, man. you did your other piece on the wall by using that method of pre-writing then adhering to the surface. is that way easier or longer-lasting than just painting your calligraphy straight onto the wall and then glazing over it?

  2. you are amazing

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