One Year Anniversary of This Blog

Yesterday, Nomad Out of Time turned one.

~ by Josh on January 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “One Year Anniversary of This Blog”

  1. congratulations josh.
    hope you are doing ok over there…
    Montreal, Canada

  2. <>

    I am sorry about all that peanut butter in your underwear, but thrilled otherwise with everything I have seen in this blog that I discovered a few minutes ago. I am fascinated — preoccupied — OK obsessed about Israel, Palestine, and linguistics. It is as if I found my alter ego. Who are you? How long were you in Israel/Palestine? What brought you there?

    Or is none of that my business. If so, ignore my comment and please forgive the intrusion.

  3. Sorry, I misunderstood. (I think) I was there for several years.

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