Bombs Over Be’er Sheva

The last few days have seen rockets hitting Be’er Sheva for the first time in its history. The first one hit Tuesday night.  I was standing in my kitchen eating peanut butter in my underwear when the air-raid siren starts blaring, and I booked it to the shelter. After that first initial adrenaline-filled incident, the other times the siren has sounded have been comparatively tame. The siren is followed by this wonderfully awful gut-clenching waiting period of roughly sixty seconds. The sound of the explosion is like a pressure valve, and as the tension felt during the siren’s wail subsides, a giddiness follows in its place. I laugh and giggle stupidly, and listen to my heart thumping.

This is, of course, all petty and silly ado about almost nothing compared with the destruction and death and suffering felt in Gaza this past week. As many as 460 Palestinians have died at the time of this post, and thousands have been wounded, with more promised to come. For this reason, writing about the difficulties or stressfulness of ‘life under Qassams’ is, in my opinion, so trivial, so insignificant as to be almost insulting. Yes, Qassams fall in our cities. Yes, it is very stressful to live in Sderot, no doubt.  Do Qassams cause even a fraction of the damage to human life and infrastructure as aerial bombardment by F-15s? No. And yes, it is that simple.


~ by Josh on January 4, 2009.

7 Responses to “Bombs Over Be’er Sheva”

  1. Hey Josh…I’d love to read about the general mood where you are…I read a disturbing article about Israeli’s feeling empowered by the attacks on Gaza. (imagine an article like that in the mainstream press about Palestinians!)
    Also we should trade links – I will post a link to your site next time I post. Oh yah…and it was good to see your old graffiti pictures at the bottom of the site especially from the rooftop in the old complex alley.

  2. Josh – hope you’re doing well and staying safe. I look forward to more posts on your blog about the situation there, and how you’re doing. It doesn’t really do my feelings any justice to say insh’Allah the violence will stop soon; but insh’Allah…

  3. hey its me.. just want to remind you how proud i am of you

  4. This fighting is killing me. What is the general attitude of Israeli folks regarding the fighting in Gaza? Do they really think it will help stop the Qassams? Do they support continued assaults? I keep reading even in western press that half the dead are civilians.

  5. short, sweet, and to the point. love it.

  6. This sounds like the pandering of a self hating Jew to a bleeding heart liberal crowd.

    I’m sad to see such sinas chinam in am yisroel today. We need more defense, more security and less aravim.

  7. […] from fellow fellow Josh, reprinted without permission (but I don’t think he’ll mind): Bombs Over Be’er Sheva January 4, […]

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