They Burned My Racist Billboard!

The guy standing and pointing is Asher Roz, he wants to be mayor of a town called Omer, in the Negev. Omer is an extremely affluent suburb of Beer Sheva located next to a Bedouin village called Terabin. In the past years, Omer grew and incorporated the village into its boundaries. Four years ago, roughly half of the village was pushed out and sent to live in a newly-built (recognized) town, also called Terabin (named after the tribe of the inhabitants). The other half remains, and irks the population of Omer with their presence. Asher Roz is running on a platform of destroying the rest of the village and kicking out its inhabitants. The yellow letters on the billboard read “I have a real solution for completing the evacuation of Terabin!”

I arrived there with Ye’ala Raanan of the Regional Council of Unrecognized Villages (the organization I’m working with) and Anwar Terabin, the elected head of the village of Terabin, to discuss with him just what exactly this real solution involves.

Throughout the entire impromptu meeting, I was surprised how cool Anwar remained, he projected a persona of total diplomacy, and kept the discussions jovial and friendly, even. The banality of ethnic cleansing. When Ye’ala asked Anwar in front of Asher, “Is this not racist?” he replied with a grin, “I don’t really want to get into semantics.”


~ by Josh on September 25, 2008.

One Response to “They Burned My Racist Billboard!”

  1. Hey Josh,
    I appreciate many of your stories on here and find all of them very informative and fascinating to read. But when i came across this story i was a bit confused. I am not exactly sure what the message of this post was. I understand it is about ethnic cleansing, but what i did not get was your sentiment on the issue. It seemed a bit confusing to me as you state in one line that this is ethnic cleansing but then i see an ad for AIPAC in supporting Israel, which is weird to me because AIPAC is the reason why the U.S. government has a difficult time taking a stand on the occupation, or ethnically cleansing lands, bull dozing houses and villages – all which is illegal based on international law. Maybe I am not smart enough to understand this posting but it seems in one way you are in disgust of what Israel is doing to the village of Tebarin and its remaining Palestinians but then are you supporting AIPAC at the same time by allowing an ad in the bottom? Help me figure this out as i am really confused.

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