Qalandiya Checkpoint

Yesterday Rachael Strecher, photographer-genius, and I went to the Qalandia (pronounced ga-LAN-diya) checkpoint to see the Security.Separation.Apartheid Wall as it cuts through the land. It so happens Banksy’s pieces are here too. We walked along the wall while talking to a couple of really nice guys, Mua3tasr and Nasr, about the situation. Both were teenagers who studied water resource management in a techincal high school in Ramallah. They had never seen Jerusalem. They carry the wrong color id cards. They asked me, “will Barack Obama change this?” Fuck. I don’t know. I hope so.



~ by Josh on September 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Qalandiya Checkpoint”

  1. How can you be a genius of photography if your hair keeps blowing in your face? Oh, rough.

  2. […] Darwish and the Barrier About a week ago Rachael and I went back to the Qalandia checkpoint, the checkpoint separating Jerusalem and Ramallah. The Palestinian side of the barrier is covered […]

  3. hi,
    can i use the banksy picture for a homework for school?
    it’s a presentation about street-art.

    pls send a mail back :>

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