All my hats at once

I’m home sick from work. I thought I’d be really productive and instead of getting stuff done I need for my trip, I’d take pictures of hats.

These are collected from all over, most are of central asian origin and picked up in Turkey.

My friend DanRae made this for me, and I wear it every. day.

My friend Noa got these for me when I left Israel in 2004.

A girl named Nazire gave me this right before I left Turkey in 2005.

Bukharan, courtesy the huge Uzbek population in Istanbul.

My mom picked this one up in Afghanistan, 1973

More Afghan

My friend Darrin sent this to me from Afghanistan. Its one of my faves, even though its a bit froofy.

Craft fairs in BC. The first two are the same, reversed.

Ugandan kippa, used by the Abayudaya Jewish community.

Assorted random ones

From Georgia

~ by Josh on August 27, 2008.

One Response to “All my hats at once”

  1. Would I be able to use your image (1000068.jpg) of your head with the purple abayudaya kippot on your head for my website – on the shop>>order page?

    Many thanks

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