My life has an update

On February 18th i wrote “Well, thats it for Yemen. After a 2 hour interrogation at LAX I’m finally home. Plan is to stay 3 months and take it from there. More later.”

Well, three months turned into six, as los angeles will do to you. However, in four weeks I leave again for the Middle East, this time to Israel/Palestine. I got a fellowship from the New Israel Fund to live and work with the Bedouin community for a period of ten months. I’m in the process of nailing down exactly what I’ll be doing, but if it goes according to plan I’ll be living in a village doing human rights advocacy work and existing in Arabic-speaking society exclusively. I feel like I’ve been studying Arabic too long, and now its time to actually put that into practice and go out there and get a job where I’m expected to just speak it and use it to function.

Los Angeles is an amazing hub, an ever-buzzing hive of life with amazing people doing amazing things, but I personally can’t be here for the long haul, it just runs me into the ground.

Until I leave, however, I am working full-time at Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller, the insane warehouse of antiquarian and rare books I mentioned a few posts ago. It’s pretty incredible. I sort and organize books all day long at what is essentially a museum of books.

~ by Josh on July 28, 2008.

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