Kline Books AKA The Most Amazing Bookstore in the History of Everything

Today I found a real, bona fide LA treasure. In the deep Valley, Panorama City, lies a bookstore of epic proportions, Eric Chaim Kline Booksellers. It’s located above the giant edifice that is the Valley Indoor Swap Meet at Parthenia and Van Nuys Blvd and is by appointment only.

Once inside, its total sensory overload. It goes on forever, with books overflowing from every corner. Most of the books are Jewish themed, or have to do with some aspect of biblical study. They have tens of thousands of volumes and more treasures than you can count. Many are antiquarian with amazing vellum or parchment bindings. I had no expectations, and thus was totally blown away by what I found.

Old Orientalist German books on Near-Eastern languages.

That is a giant Indonesian Qur’an from the turn of the century.

Latin-Amharic vellum-bound lexicon.

I came away from it with Saadia Gaon’s Judeo-Arabic prayer book, Kitab Gami3 al-Salawat wat-Tasabih “The book of all prayers and supplications” which I had read about and had been searching for for some time now.


~ by Josh on July 15, 2008.

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