A table from 2x4s

This is a coffee/work table I made from some salvaged two-by-fours and 4.5 feet of thick square heavy wood for legs. I got all of it at a salvage shop in the valley, at Sherman Way and Coldwater, I think. In any case the total cost for this table was under 30 dollars.

First I sawed all the 2x4s to a uniform length and glued them all together and clamped it for a couple of hours.

Then, since the 2x4s are beveled on the top I sanded down the glued slats until there was no bevel and they were all flush.

Then I sawed out a space on each corner to accommodate the legs.

These get glued and screwed, and then voila you have a table.

I used these tools:

And now this table is my main workshop, for filigree and calligraphy:


~ by Josh on July 12, 2008.

One Response to “A table from 2x4s”

  1. I am so happy to see your initiative and your passions. I too am a craftsman and like yoursekllfhave my grandfathers tools, whichj are very important to me…. see richardkell.livejournal.com .. we ‘spoke’ earlier taoday (I keep all blogs separate).

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