Japanese Food and Mutaytor

So Thursday night was a blast. I met up with David and Tida of cheese store fame, in Little Tokyo in a random-ass closed all-Japanese mall.

On the third floor is Honda-Ya, one of the dopest restaurants in town, and one of LA’s best kept secrets. Open till one am, they have an amazing menu built around small fried and barbequed meats, veggies, and noodles, all designed to pair well with beer. And ridiculously cheap: 9 bucks is the most you’ll pay for a dish, but figure each person gets two which are then shared, it makes for a good meal. And the beer is 3 bucks a glass or a pitcher for 13. All in all figure 20-30 a person, but its an amazing spot, the food is great and the place itself is better.

After that we drove over to the Mayan Theater at 9th and Hill. Mutaytor rocked the fucking house. On top of that the show was sponsored as a promotion so it was free, with loads of free handouts inside.

For anyone unfamiliar with Mutaytor it’s truly a unique and incredible experience when they go full on. I imagine their Burning Man show is off the hook. Watch this video to get an idea of what they do:

This is the email I wrote to a friend the first night I saw them:

oh. my. god.
last night i saw the most unbelievable performance. i dont even know
how to describe it. it was this nuts show that stretched the boundary
of theater, performance art, and music. my friend from work was like,
oh you should totally come see this show. so i went, and the opening
band was like this hardcore goth metal in stupid costumes shit, and
was SO bad, and i was just like, wtf did i come to see? but then my
friend was like these guys are as far from the mutaytor (the band we
went to see) as possible.
so then they finished alhamdullilah and the mutaytor came on. ok, so
first of all, it wasnt a band as much as a performance art troupe, with
maybe 30 people. there were 6 regular drum sets, one wicked crazy drum
set with like 6 MASSIVE drums and a million little cow bell/ cymbal
things and this crazy dude behind it all dancing like a motherfucker,
4 bongo players, 3 brass instrument guys who played like 6 different
brass instruments, and electric guitar player, an electric bass
player, 2 keyboards, and 4 people behind mac laptops doing who knows
what. and that was only the music part. there was a dance team who was
just insane. there was a trapeze act that had fire-spinners flying
through the air. there was a sikh firespinner who was doing crazy
flips and jumps and shit with 4 balls of fire flying around him. there
was a drag show too…. this girl came on to the stage in a bikini and
she was shakin it to the music and i was like DAMN she is fine! and
then as she was gyrating around she turned around and took her top off
and when she turned back around it was a dude in drag! i was like
holy. shit.

Since then the only shows I’ve missed were ones when I was in Yemen.

The Mayan is gorgeous:

The show was amazing, as one would expect from the Mutaytor:

All in all another amazing Mutaytor experience.

~ by Josh on May 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Japanese Food and Mutaytor”

  1. Hey Josh, thanks for the love! Hope to see you again soon!

    xoxokj of the mutaytor

  2. Thank you sooooo much, Josh, for the pics and the buzz. There is no doubt, Mutaytor is the BEST.

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