Hezarfen Şeyh İbrahim Edhem Efendi

This is Sheikh İbrahim Edhem Efendi, known as “Hezarfen” or “master of 1000 trades,” Sheikh Ibrahim was born in modern-day Uzbekistan in 1829. He later moved to the Ottoman capital, Istanbul, where he gained a reputation as the most BAMF in the art world of the time. He was the ultimate renaissance man, and for me represents perfection in art: skills across the boards, jack of all trades and kicks ass at all of them.

From Ebru Sanati: “He was proficient in Turkish, Arabic, Persian, and Cagatai. It is no wonder he is given the name Hezarfen. A list of his skills includes carpentry, woodcarving, founding, printing, weaving, along with archery. In addition, he was a blacksmith, lathesman, calligrapher, and last but not least, a master of Ebru.”

From The Ottomans, “He was a carpenter, metal caster, weaver, printer, architect, scientist and a mathematician. He was appointed as the first principal to Sultanahmet School of Crafts in 1869 and it was here that the first lead pipes were cast in Turkey. Producing ebru papers was one of his many talents which made him famous as Hezarfen.”


~ by Josh on April 12, 2008.

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