Lila’s Tattoo

Lila Zucker finally did it! I sort of thought she was bluffing when she told me she wanted an Arabic tattoo and could I design it. But no bluff! She did it! Check it out:


“We live and struggle for our beliefs.

Na3esh wa-nujahid min ajil 3tiqadatina”



~ by Josh on April 1, 2008.

15 Responses to “Lila’s Tattoo”

  1. There’s the grave potential that you’ll only do it for people you know, but I thought I’d brave it anyway and ask. I have been searching for arabic calligraphy to use as a tattoo for the last year, wanting to be special, beautiful, and meaningful… I love your work, and would like to talk about the idea. Compensation available.

  2. Hi, i’ve been looking to get an Arabic tattoo done also, but don’t where and who to get it done by. That looks great. Do you have photos of other Arabic tattoos you’ve done that I could see? What city and country are you in? I’m near San Francisco, Ca.

  3. That’s a beautiful tattoo. I’d like to know if you offer your services for compensation. I’m looking for something similar as a tattoo.

  4. Hey, love your work and would like to see more…..This one here is great, do you have more pictures of it or others of similar design?

    Thank you and keep up the good work… stay blessed!


  5. hey do u got any more pics ?
    and where do u live?

  6. […] this post and we talk about details and design. A couple of tattoos I’ve designed can be seen here and here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)The Genius of Ibn MuqlahReason Sought in […]

  7. hi y wanna get an arabic tattoo that translates “what goes around comes around”.. if u could please translate it id be very thankful

  8. Hello,this is a great web-sight..very helpful,I would love to have a tattoo in Arabic..I think the calligraphy an design is beautiful.I also would not want to disrespect anyone..since I do have Middle Eastern friends. I would want an Arabic Tattoo that says Jesus or Christian.If you can assist me,I would greatly appreciate it..again Thank you. Gus

  9. Hi there! I’ve read all your comments about the awful tattoo’s and it made me laugh as well. I’m glad I came across your website. I’ve been meaning to get a tattoo for 2 years now or more. I was born in Saudi Arabia (where my parents meant) but I’m originally a Filipina. This Friday I want to get an Arabic tattoo that says “Love, Live Life, Proceed, Progress” and I’ve been on Translator websites but I’m not sure if they’re correct. Would you be kind enough to help me? I’d really appreciate it. I hope you reply as soon as possible. =(

    Thank you SO much.

  10. Your work is beautiful. It’s kind of scary bow easily things can get lost in translation. Trust me I know, I speak spanish and although spanish and english share the same alphabet, except for one letter, I have learned how difficult somethings can be to translate. Anyway, I too was thinking of getting an arabic tattoo, and I am very glad I have stumbled upon your website. I will take your advise and find a native speaker who can translate correctly! Thanks

  11. hey, your page also made me laugh. it is scary how easily things can be mistranslated when it comes to writing in arabic.

    i was curious if you would offer your services in return for compensation of some sort. i find the arabic language and writing to be beautiful. and i have been looking for a tattoo but i am afraid to just have anybody draw it up…
    my boyfriend is from Egypt and does in fact speak arabic fluently, but he does not know how to write it…so he is really not that much help to me.

    i was wondering if you could help me. thanks!

  12. My name is Christian. I’m American…a native Texan as a matter of fact, but I spent much of my adolescence in Riyadh, KSA. Indeed, my Mother and Father still reside in the Middle East. Over the years, I have written down and recorded a few Saudi proverbs that remain near and dear to my heart. I want a tattoo that incorporates a few of those proverbs, and I want it designed by someone who is sensitive to the culture and its’ authentic artistic stylings. Would u be willing to discuss further?

  13. heyi wana geta cool arabic tatt i was wondering if u could send me some nice ones…im a female 🙂
    my e-mail add

  14. Hey hey, Im looking for someone who can help me out with my tattoo design. It needs to say ‘My pursuit of happiness’ In arabic calligraphy. Hope you can help me out!

  15. Hey wassup! i think that what you are doing here is amazing! I was also wondering if the name Frankie Charles Howard could be translated into Arabic…..if so could you please help me out! I also need help wit my calligraphy for my tattoo as well

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