Silkscreen Step 1


First thing is to choose a verse to work with. In this case I chose:

أذكرونا مثل ذكر انا لكم
رب ذكرى قريب من نزحا
Think of us!
Such thoughts
Bridge distances.
Then, you write it a couple of times and decide how you want to arrange it. Then, you practice that particular design a couple of times to figure out cool ways letters can go together and complement each other. Get to know the verse and play around with the letters a bit.
Then you write each letter-form in the composition once, in a way you’re happy with. Then cut it out and arrange it, then photocopy it. White out the seam areas around the letters on the photocopy, then photocopy it again. if it worked, and youre happy with it, photocopy it onto a transparency and that is it for step one of silkscreening.


~ by Josh on March 11, 2008.

One Response to “Silkscreen Step 1”

  1. Hello my name is ‘Mustafa, i wonder if you know where i can get a rooster in calligraphy or if you know where to find someone who will do one for me??

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