I am a deadbeat.

I haven’t left my house since I’ve been home except to go to the library. If there was, for example, a hitman waiting to get me when I left to go out, he’d be there a long time.

I read, I catch up on TV online, draw calligraphy, and eat eat eat. So much food. And I’ve been, surprisingly, missing Yemen. Especially my students. I had a semi-secret letter correspondence with one of my female students, Safaa, and it was seriously the highlight of my last 2 months in Yemen, and somehow in transit I lost her letters. It made me so sad. That kind of created this period where I was pining for Yemen, a doorless dabab, some Fahsa, the Silaa, a Kamaran, the whole thing.

~ by Josh on February 26, 2008.

One Response to “I am a deadbeat.”

  1. Methinks you iz too hard on yourself. You just came back from Yemen dude! If you are still in the same place a year from now, then yes, you really would be a deadbeat.

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