I’m out of here

I’m leaving Yemen, sooner rather than later. I dropped out of school and left my house, I’m gonna bounce out to Israel/Palestine pretty soon it looks like. I almost ripped a dude’s head off today for charging me an extra dollar on some rice, which I’m taking as a sign that Yemen and I have just grown apart. It’s not an altogether mutual breakup but I think it’ll be best for us.


~ by Josh on February 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “I’m out of here”

  1. I hope you’ll still be posting from Palestine. And I hope Yemen and you can still be friends.

  2. Hi there. I’ve been facebook surfing and happened upon your blog. Let me know if you come out to I/P. I am living in Jerusalem and looking for work. Would be nice to get some Yemini food and talk about old times.

  3. I’m down T.
    In reference to the above post, there was a posted price list, the first time id ever seen one of those in a chicken rice and vegetable stew restaurant. I went to pay and he quotes twice whats posted, i called him out and he’s like “ohh that. that sign’s old.” ooh man that made me pissed.

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