The Yemeni Haunted House

So a couple of months ago my teacher mentioned this house here that supposedly has a Jinn living in it, and anyone who slept in the house would wake up in the street. At the time I didn’t think much of it, and I just put this into the ever-growing bag of weird shit my teacher says (men who pee standing up will burn in hell, there are sorcerers in the hills who put curses on you if you piss them off, Satan can hide behind pictures on the wall, which is why he doesn’t have any pictures on his walls etc).

Several months later, I was at a dinner party and someone mentioned their teacher had told them the same thing. There was a Yemeni guy there (who unfortunately for him spoke no English and was looking extremely bored all night) so I asked him if he’s heard of this house with a Jinn in it and he says completely casually and assured, as though we’re discussing bus schedules, “yeah, if you sleep there you’ll wake up in the street. Its over in al-hasaba, its a big house on the corner, everyone knows it.” So apparently this Jinn-infested house is pretty well known. To prove that theory, on the way home I asked the guy who sits in front of my house to protect us from women, “Have you heard of a house in al-hasaba with a jinn in it?” “You mean the one where if you sleep in it you’ll wake up in the street?”

So obviously, from here there is only one logical step to be taken, which is of course to go and sleep in the house. I think like 6 of us want to go do it, and so we’re going to tell the newspaper, go over there, and sleep in the house. If I wake up in the street, well. Thats it then. I’m a believer. I’ll start wearing aluminum foil on my gord to protect from the CIA’s mind-reading satellites, and go up to horses and ask them, “Are you the Gatekeeper?”

More on this later.


~ by Josh on January 13, 2008.

One Response to “The Yemeni Haunted House”

  1. Hey Josh,

    How are you? Waiting for the “more on this later”. 😉



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