Arabic Verb Forms XI-XV

All students of Arabic are familiar with the basic pattern of Arabic verb morphology: you stick auxiliary letters in amongst the basic 3-letter stem of the verb, and this changes the meaning of that 3 letter root. Sometimes the new meaning is predictable, sometimes not. There are ten forms of the verb, each with a predictable conjugation and Masdar. However, what most modern Arabic textbooks fail to mention is the existence of five further forms, all very obscure and found primarily in Classical and Jahiliyya texts. They are as follows:

Form XI:

To Be Yellow –إصفارّ

Masdar – إصفيرار

Form XII:

To Be Green – إخضوضر

Masdar – إخضيضار

Form XIII:

To Go Quickly – إخروّط

Masdar – إخريّاط

Form XIV:

To Be Obscured – إسحنكك

Masdar – إسحنكاك

Form XV:

To Be Inflated – إخبنطى

Masdar –إخبنطاع

These are seriously abstract words. As evidence of this, all of them except ‘to turn green’ yielded absolutely zero results when I plugged them in to Google.


~ by Josh on January 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Arabic Verb Forms XI-XV”

  1. This is interesting. How many verbs are in each of these additional forms?

  2. Hi! I’ve been studying Arabic for two years, and I came across your site looking for the masdar forms of the XI through XV verb forms. I just had one question: Is the masdar of XV supposed to add the ‘ain at the end, or was ikhbanTaa a four radical root with the ‘ain dropping off in alfa’al almadhy due to the pattern? I hope that question made sense. This blog looks fascinating too so it’s been added to my bookmarks.

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